The Artisan Factory is proud to present our newest member: Carpio Strength and Conditioning. After searching for the right place for months, Mr. Carpio has found the perfect home for his training facility here @ The Artisan Factory. He uses unconventional methods to train you in to the best shape of your life. We can’t explain it any better than in Mr. Carpio’s own words: “We don’t do cardio because it’s simply boring and it sucks. What we do is called hardcore metabolic conditioning. Conditioning drills are very effective in fat loss for its high metabolic effect on the body. These type of workouts will jack up your metabolism for hours after you finish a workout. As the result, you can build a lean athletic body that is capable to do WORK and get it done with ease.” For more information on Carpio Strength and Conditioning, check out the links below:

Carpio Website
Carpio YouTube Channel
Carpio on Facebook


Available Spaces

Wholesale producers looking to sell on site — this space is the perfect one for you. One of the few spaces on the ground floor with a street presence, this fabulous raw space features concrete floors, high ceilings, a private washroom, plumbing rough-ins, multiple floor drains, oversized doors in close proximity to a loading dock, and […]
Available for short-term needs, this ground floor corner space features street-level exposure and big, bright windows throughout. It has three entrances: two straight from the street and another double door right off of a common loading dock. Concrete floors, high ceilings, independent heating and air conditioning, lack of pillars or obstructions, and many other features […]
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