Steve Driscoll

Like his historical forefathers, the Group of Seven, Steve Driscoll heads to the forest for inspiration. But rather than re-enacting the plein air sketching method practiced by Canada’s archetypal landscape painters, Driscoll instead mentally banks the images he sees — lakes and trees, sunsets and sunrises, moons and stars, cabins and campfires — creating a storehouse of visual memories that he brings back to his Toronto studio.

Thrush Holmes Empire

Thrush Holmes, a self-taught Toronto-based artist, has exhibited throughout Canada and the US and is placed among Canada’s top-selling living artists. His work can be found in numerous celebrity and high-profile collections, including the Government of Ontario Art Collection, and Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Art Collection (Canada), and has garnered national and international critical acclaim.

Guild Eyewear

Eyewear personalized just for you. We believe in the unique personality, charm, boldness and creativity found in all of us. And we believe that we can embolden these individuals with custom and uniquely designed products that embrace this individuality. Our glasses are hand crafted by us. And uniquely designed and sized by you.

Lunar Caustic Press

We’re a Toronto based letterpress printer. We work directly with designers and have been producing unique, high-quality, tactile printed material for over 25 years. Our work includes: stationery, business cards, press kits, retail tags, wedding and event invitations, artist prints, film props, mockups, and much more.

Geary Guitarworks

David Chudnovsky’s custom-made, hand-built electric guitars have been sold to guitar teachers and TV stars. Not only does he enjoy making guitars, he loves teaching others how to as well. His love of hands-on building and hands-on learning transformed into a dream of creating a learning space: The Guitar Building School, located in his workshop, Geary Guitarworks, right here at The Artisan Factory.

Blinds, Drapes and Bedding

At Blinds, Drapes and Bedding we custom design, manufacture and install high quality window coverings and soft home furnishings for clients who take pride in the spaces they inhabit. Our products make your home or workspace more beautiful, valuable and comfortable by providing high quality furnishings to reflect your unique style, taste and lifestyle.

Ryan Legassicke

Ryan Legassicke is a contemporary Canadian artist whose current work examines contemporary urban spaces and makes connections between our shared aesthetic experience and the idea that we are becoming progressively more disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the places that we inhabit. His work examines our relationship to urban spaces where histories are removed, intolerance is enforced, and people attempt to live in a paradoxical space that refuses unity, stability, wholeness and identity.

Janet Macpherson

Janet Macpherson began studying ceramics at Sheridan College in 1999. For six years she maintained a studio practice, making functional ceramics, participating in exhibitions, and selling her work at various Toronto galleries. In 2008 she began her MFA in ceramics at The Ohio State University where she explored a more figurative approach to ceramics. Her work investigates peculiar things that live on the edge of normal and incongruous things that exist side-by-side but yet not quite together.

Available Spaces

Available for short-term and pop-up uses, our event space can be rented on a daily or weekly basis. There are currently no long-term vacancies at the factory. Please contact us to be placed on a list for your future space needs.

The Artisan Factory Photos

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