THE ARTISAN FACTORY · Boutique Industrial and Commercial Space for Lease

Loading Docks

With three different sized loading docks, we can accommodate everything from a passenger vehicle all the way up to a 53ft trailer.

Conveyor Belt

Our conveyor belt not only looks cool, it’s functional too! Centrally located in the factory, the conveyor lets you move your shipments with ease from the ground floor to the second floor and back.

Freight Elevator

When moving large and heavy items to the second floor, our heavy duty freight elevator can handle up to 2500 lbs.

600V, 3-phase Electricity

Need lots of power to run your heavy machinery? We’ve got you covered. A three-phase power supply delivers power at a steady, constant rate and is utilized by many types of food and production equipment.

Fully Sprinklered

Often overlooked, sprinklers are frequently required by insurance companies depending on your business and will also result in lower premiums.


We have two parking lots available for all our tenants and their employees, offered at a small additional cost.