CBE Limited Line “My City Lives” Launch

CBE Limited Line “My City Lives” Launch

Video: Making the CBE Hoodie (opens in new window)

Celebrating the first year anniversary of My City Lives, Clothing Brand Experiment (CBE) releases its newest limited line, “My City Lives.” The custom dyed 49 hoodies in light denim take on a life of their own with the navy print designed by Genevieve Jodouin. The collaboration brings together the perfect triad of local Torontonians to showcase, design, and produce a line inspired by its native city, Toronto.

My City Lives is an online platform that showcases its local community through an interactive map. Using only video, My City Lives shares an authentic view of its city through stories of the city’s public spaces, organizations, and fellow citizens. Launched at the time of recession, the platform strives to elevate economic struggles by connecting, stimulating, and encouraging local arts, culture and pride. Its current video showcases the production steps of local business CBE’s limited line “My City Lives”, dedicated to the platform itself.

Featured artist, Genevieve Jodouin designs a print for the “My City Lives” limited hoody inspired by each collaborators home town of Toronto. The intricate image features candid characters in motion. The fine line silhouettes creates a living, moving city printed on both the front and back of the hoody representing a city block.

CBE’s “My City Lives” hoody successfully brings together an urban focus with its Toronto based community. The 49 limited line hoodies are available in CBE’s classic fit from sizes XS-2XL and include a second pull string additional to the select white pull string already in the hoody – priced at $145 each, “My City Lives” limited line is available starting March 9th in the CBE online shop.

CBE is a Toronto based company located at The Artisan Factory producing a line of high-end, unisex clothing. With a focus on local community, CBE remains committed to sustainable and ethical production all within its hometown city of Toronto.

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