Inside the Bite Beauty Lab

Inside the Bite Beauty Lab

Ever wonder how Bite lipstick is made? We take you inside the lab for the inside scoop.

Most of the lipsticks you see in stores are mass-produced by large manufacturers and contain harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and fragrance. You won’t see any of these ingredients in the Bite beauty lab. In fact, you’d be able to recognize most of the ingredients and even eat them too, including the bright, food-grade pigments.

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The lab is a sealed-off room that resembles a small clean, white kitchen. It’s noticeably chilly – Susanne likes to keep her workspace nice and cool. A lab coat, gloves, hairnet, and clean shoes are required clothing in the lab and factory to keep the product free of contamination. The most interesting area is a large cupboard of ingredients that resembles a medicine cabinet. Tubs and tubes are all labeled with a black sharpie, some with alluring titles that are sure to tickle an appetite – blood orange extract, coconut oil, lime butter, and sweet cinnamon. Almost as enticing are the pigment shelves, stacked with small tubs of bright, food-grade pigment covering every colour of the rainbow.

Next, we go over to the counter which has several regular-looking kitchen appliances including a hot plate and several pots. Lipstick formulas are prepared almost as your grandmother would make your favorite soup –ingredients carefully added and stirred together in a pot on a stove. Since so much of what we put on our lips is ingested, why shouldn’t lipstick would treated with the same kind of care as food?

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